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About Flow In Nature

Some places have such a balance and flow of energies that they hold in themselves a healing power that can (re)balance you just by being there. The Western Algarve where we hold the retreats is such a place.

FlowinNature Detox & Flowin Nature Relax

FlowinNature Detox & FlowinNature Relax are retreat programs designed to transform the mind, the soul & the body in/with/through the presence of the elements in nature. Earth, air, water, wood, fire....are in old traditions the building blocks of life & hold all the keys for understanding yourself & long-lasting transformation. Therefor we have chosen the Western Algarve as all of the elements can be found in its purest forms.


Nature has always been known as a catalyst for inner transformations. Grounding or earthing is so much needed for balance and optimal health but rarely found in our informational digital society and yet so abundantly accessible just by being in the
quietness of nature. Something we have forgotten long since & only now starting to rediscover. The unlimited forces of nature support your journey for self-discovery & a healthier life. We will explore a variety of landscapes and scenes to experience the different elements of our journey.

The Primordial sounds in nature are peaceful & calming for the mind.

• Our retreats are all designed to relax, balance and re-vitalize within the canvas of the beautiful nature here.

• Nature has always been known as a catalyst for inner transformations. Grounding and connecting to the earth is much needed for balance and health but in our digitalized and concrete world we have forgotten about this simple but vital thing.

• Nature supports your journey of self-discovery and healing.

• The retreats are experiences to nourish, replenish & transform you to also find this flow in your daily life


Meet Our Meditation Teachers

Birgit De Greve is the founder & designer of FlowinNature & Casa Eleonora.

Birgit De Greve Meditation Expert.jpg
  • Master in Sophrology

  • Brain Gym instructor

  • Voice Dialogue Facilitator

  • Chopra Centre Certified Teacher.

Meditation teacher for 20 years, healer author, food lover & soul explorer with a passion for inspiring others to create a joyous and authentic life. Having practiced meditation for almost 40 year she has experienced first hand in what real transformations may happen through meditation. She is passionate about advocating the profound healing power that meditation may bring into your daily life.



our always smiling certified yoga teacher & massage therapist. Whether you do a yoga session with her or you book a massage, you will come back totally relaxed.



our all ways zen minded certified yoga teacher that will push and twist your body as if you have been doing yoga your entire life from your first session.



Celina is our wellness therapist, after a massage from Celina you will be in heaven.

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