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 Flow In Nature: The Programs 



Join us for a truly magical & profound transformative experience.

In a small group, from two to a maximum of ten people, you will reconnect with yourself through nature. The elements of nature guide & support you through your journey of inner silence.  Disconnecting from the daily digital tsunami is a great way to release stress & start healing the body, soul & mind.

The programs are six nights in length, starting on Saturday & closing on Friday after breakfast. 


FlowInNature brings you back in touch with the basics to awaken & enlighten the soul.

A beautiful inward journey to your true self.  This program will open the door to the field of infinite possibilities & and self healing. 

Some of the benefits of meditation.

  • A true detox for body & mind

  • The release of stress

  • Best antidote for daily stresses

  • Rejuvenates the body

  • Better hormonal balance

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Less inflammation

  • Supports Healthy weight

  • The creation of inner peace

  • Less anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Connection to your spirit

  • Mindful attitude

  • Opens the mind for new & unexpected possibilities​

During the Programs you will learn, experience and enjoy:

  • A course of four lessons about Primordial Sound Meditation & how to meditate

  • 2 x Daily (guided) sessions of Primordial Sound Meditation: A Mantra based meditation technique.

  • Private instruction with your own personal mantra

  • A daily walk with meditation at  the most wonderful & stunning places in nature chosen for their calming & restoring qualities.

  • Daily grounding/earthing

  • 1 x Nature bathing excursion ( location dependent on season & weather)

  • Daily yoga sessions

  • 1 x private consult to determine your metabolic type: what nutrition, exercise, lifestyle is most beneficial to you

  • Use of the pool & beach towels

  • Free tea & water

  • Your personal meal plan of mild detox or juice detox starting Saturday morning with last meal at breakfast Friday

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